London Livin’

┬áThe three weeks spent in London were a huge eye opening experience. Rent is severely overpriced and non-professional job types are incredibly underpaid compared to Australian standards. Nether the less, the city is beautiful and there is always something to do. Our first weekend, we head to The Ministry of Sound to see Nervo play; such a fun club but definitely was not what I was expecting, I don’t have any photos to upload here, did I mention I lost my phone in Croatia?

Ellie and I did a bus tour of the major sights to get a feel for the city, definitely worth going to! We also took part in a Jack the Ripper tour walking tour where you got to see the places he murdered his victims and got a insight into how life was around the 1800s.


Tower of London, this is where they keep the crown jewels IMG_3565 London Eye, will be back to ride this bad boy soon DCIM100GOPRO Where Wills and Kate were married

I turned 24 this month, a friend of mine Paul took me out for a swim and a few drinks at a roof top bar, the view was something else. The bar is called The Boundary and its in Shoreditch. IMG_3587
IMG_3588Being as popular as I am I had to do a lot by myself to fill in the days where everyone was working. I went to a couple of museums and wondered the city a fair bit but really enjoyed it.


Museum of Natural History



This is a mammoths skull and tusks



A T-Rex and a Triceratops


The museum is huge and has so much to see, its also free which is excellent. London can be a little bit dreary and cold so I decided to put job and house hunting on hold for a little while and continue travelling, this time by myself. Its hard to say if I can see myself living in London permanently but it has definitely motivated me to get stuck into university again.