More sun please

Three weeks in London was long enough to develop the travellers itch, so off to Barcelona I went! Fresh off the plane I discovered four things that made me was to rip my hair out; my bags had been lost, my credit cards had locked up, almost no one in the airport spoke english and there were no WiFi signals. Having no idea how to get to my hostel I jumped on a bus and hoped for the best, luckily a lovely spanish lady sat next to me who spoke excellent english and used to live in the area. I made it to my hostel just a little after midnight, the next day I woke up to the incredible beaches Barcelona has on offer.

No bags meant I would be spending the next couple of days in jeans and boots – not ideal to wear to the beach. The only shop I could find was one that could only be described as the equivalent of Singapore Charlie’s so I had to buy a pair of fluro, silky, orange tunks in a 2XL and a pair of thongs totalling eight euro (bargain!)



The next two days were spent on the beach soaking up that vitamin D


The hostel I was staying in was full of 13-17 year old children so I took a train out of town to explore the coast. The picture above is of The Magic Fountain Рit lights up at night and plays Disney music


The pier in Sitges, Spain.



Basically I spent a week in the sun and water, it was perfect. I did take a hike up a cliff and found some pretty cool views and a cove with a small beach. Barcelona is the perfect place to relax, oh and the tapas I had were amazing, it was in a chain restaurant called Lazaarne, you help yourself and at the end the waiter counts up your tooth picks, very cheap as well!

Relaxed and revived its time to see the place I have been waiting to see the entire trip, BERLIN!